The Women of NextChapter


NextChapter is not your typical tech company. Over half of the team are women, serving in various roles vital to the product and company mission. From female engineers, executive leadership, customer success and beyond, the women of NextChapter are making a difference in the legal tech industry with innovative concepts and diligent efforts. Meet the ladies who are paving the way for other working women in the space while supporting each other along the way. 




Janine Sickmeyer

Janine has had to overcome a male-dominated field to put herself and her company on the map. Over the years, she has shown the skills and power she has in the legal tech space by building her company at the same time as her family and exceeding the expectations of everyone who said she couldn't do it. Janine's favorite novelist and female leader is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who urges us to demand for a more equal world between men and women.



Mandy Ballinger

Mandy is fully driven by the quality of her work and the outcome of her efforts. She is a true believer in celebrating wins with other women and encouraging female leaders to take credit where credit is due. She continues to work hard and endlessly to stay on top as a woman leader so she can be a role model for her own young daughter, nieces, and other women! Mandy turns to Ellen DeGeneres, a powerful female leader who inspires her reflect on her successes and boost her confidence.






Katie Stasiulewicz

Katie's passion for NextChapter comes from the belief she has that no other product is better, and she is proud to know the product in and out, which shows through her work. It's not hard for Katie to stay motivated working with the people she is surrounded by—everyone has such pride in what they have built as women and Katie thrives under powerful female leaders. Katie's favorite female leader is Kate Middleton because of how elegant she always is. 



Megi Malushi

Our Virtual Paralegal is dedicated to getting people to the next chapter of their lives and growing as a woman while she does it. No matter how hard and stressful the work is, and no matter what obstacles she has had to face, Megi never stops trying to perfect her skills and grow in the legal tech industry, and that is what makes her a woman leader in the space! Megi's powerful female role model is Michelle Obama because of how she encourages women to rise to leadership. 



Jaime Houssami

Jaime's journey to where she is now is what makes her most proud of her accomplishments. After just leaving college and entering the nerve-racking business world, she was intimidated by others in the field. After discovering her passion for marketing and realizing her true talent, she has become more than capable of advancing in her career and is proud to be surrounded by other women who lift her up. Jaime's favorite female powerhouse is Amy Poehler because she constantly celebrates working women and helps young women become their true, authentic selves through her organization, Smart Girls.



Darian McCoy

Darian's passion for writing has always been her strong point, but after studying in a female-dominated major, entering a workforce where men are the dominant leaders was intimidating. This has made Darian even more proud of the writing and marketing work she does. Being part of a women led legal tech startup, she has accomplished so much more and is more passionate about her work! Darian is inspired by Beyoncé because of how she empowers women with music. 




Female Engineers


Alexis Lkhagvadorj 

Alexis is passionate about using her skills in engineering and technology to solve real world problems and showcasing her strength as a woman in the legal tech space. She loves that she's able to be a talented woman in a space where innovation by a woman makes such an impact. Alexis believes that scientist Marie Curie is a great example for all women looking to break down barriers in their industry. 



Danica Misic

Danica is proud to be one of the few female engineers here at NextChapter. She believes that her work in technology is significant because not only is she creating a great product, she also holds so much power by being able to pave the way and encourage other women to take over the technology space too. Danica is inspired by all women who are successful in their field and who are showing the world that it's about being heard and getting a seat at the table.





Coumba Winifield 

Coumba is incredibly grateful for being given the opportunity to enact change in the world around her by working for NextChapter. Her creative design skills are what drive her work and being a woman just empowers her even further by teaching her to overcome challenges in the space and excel! When looking for inspiration, Coumba turns to Natalie Elizabeth Ellis of BossBabe who encourages women to build their business.



Melisa Navarro

Melisa is a true innovator. She's creative, thoughtful, and always looking to perfect her skills to become a top woman in her field. She loves how she has the chance to impact and grow with a product at the same time that she grows as a woman in business. Melisa is currently reading Michelle Obama's book, Becoming, and is inspired by her story.





Bojana Filipovic

Being a woman in the legal tech space has made Bojana more and more confident in all aspects of her life. Accomplishing in the legal tech space encourages her to keep coming up with creative ideas, improve, and innovate. She in turn encourages other women to get out and achieve by offering her help whenever needed. Bojana's favorite female leader is Serbian physicist Mileva Marić-Einstein.



Jelena Popovic

Jelena makes research and testing creative with innovative problem solving. She's proud to be a woman in the technical field so she can show other women that it is possible to rise to the top. Working at a startup where everyone is passionate makes this that much more possible.



To learn more about the amazing women making NextChapter great, visit our website and check out @nextchapterbk on Instagram!