Women in Legal Tech: Part II


Get ready for another round of inspiration from the powerful women leading the legal technology space! Keep an ear out for these exceptional women who have turned the industry on its head and continue to do so in their everyday lives, inspiring fellow females to do the same.


Haben Girma, Author & Disability Rights Lawyer

Haben Girma has been consistently exceeding expectations since she left Harvard Law School as the first deafblind graduate. Haben is breaking down the walls surrounding disabilities and pushing fellow leaders to choose inclusion. She has won the Hellen Keller Achievement Award and been personally honored for her contributions in the legal space by President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Chancellor Angela Merkel. To learn more about her life and work, check out her book, Haben: The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law.



Alma Asay of Allegory

Alma Asay, founder of Allegory, spent her first years practicing law around complex commercial litigations. Working for a firm handling many high profile cases, and eventually serving on a high profile case of her own between AMC Networks and DISH Network, Alma realized that managing cases could be automated from start to finish using a single software. Thus, she created Allegory. Today, Allegory streamlines the entire litigation process and is helping attorneys realize potential by connecting cases from every angle to ensure a win.



Lauren Sanders of Clio

Lauren Sanders thrives in fast-paced environments that challenge the everyday of the legal tech space. Working as a successful woman in the Office of the CEO at Clio, Lauren oversees high-stakes projects and the industry-leading Clio Cloud Conference all while coaching and developing members of her team. Lauren has gone above and beyond in her career, setting an example for all working women who want to tackle as much as they can at once.



Katia Alcantar of Text a Lawyer

Many lawyers and legal tech experts have been enhancing the humanization and accessibility of legal advice, and Katia Alcantar is at the top of it. Katia joined her colleague to create a mobile app that would be an affordable and simple place for everyday people in a crisis to ask legal questions. She is a woman on top of the world learning from, teaching, and supporting other women who have passionate visions for the future of legal tech.



Kristen Sonday of Paladin

Kristen's passion for social justice drives her work at Paladin as the Chief Operating Officer helping mobilize the million attorneys who do pro bono work. The empowerment she feels being a first generation Latina to attend to college drives her ambition. Her vision is for full support of minorities in the legal space and complete social justice for those in need.