Winter Mini Release '19

This winter the NextChapter team took time to enhance the software for our users. Our Winter Mini Release '19 focused on optimizing load times, perfecting our Clio integration, and so much more. Spring is just around the corner - but before we start dreaming of warmer weather, let's dive into NextChapter's latest release! ❄️



New to NextChapter

Option to move debts to Schedule G

Leases are being included on debtor’s credit reports more and more. With this option, users can easily move the lease from the credit report to Schedule G without having to retype the information.


More suggested filing templates

In our previous release, we introduced the ability for users to create their own template filings. We've taken it a step further by creating templates specific to your districts requirements so you don't have to!


Ability to export common creditors list

NextChapter will never hold your data hostage! Users can easily export their common creditor list for any reason at any time.


More sorting and filtering options in the Case List

We're making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for! With more sorting and filtering options in the Case List, you can better understand your workload and find specific cases with ease.


More override options for the Means Test

NextChapter reuses as much information as we can from the Income and Expense section for the Means Test deductions to save users time and prevent double data entry. We’ve added more override options so that the Means Test can be customized and edited as needed.



NextChapter is faster than ever! We used the cold months to improve our servers and the results speak for themselves.

  • Optimized the Firm Dashboards for faster loading times
  • Restructured app servers to eliminate server errors
  • Faster overall load times
  • Improved Download and Print layout


More Forms and Plans

We're constantly adding in new forms and plans to the application to make filing bankruptcy cases for your firm easier. Check out what we added below!

  • Over 15 new or revised Chapter 13 Plans
  • Chapter 7 Fee Waiver Form
  • New Attorney Fee Report for Whoa Accounts
  • Over 25 new autocompleting forms


Coming Soon 🌷

Spring is right around the corner! Here are a few things to look forward to in NextChapter's Spring '19 Release:

  • Keap Integration
  • More options to file amended and post-petition forms
  • MyChapter and NextMessage updates