Modern Ways to Gain and Keep Clients
Take a look at some of these contemporary tips to keep your current clients happy and start converting your leads into clients.
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Published on Mar 06, 2019

While billboards and low-quality commercials have led to more legal clients in the past, it's time to recognize that potential clients want more nowadays. Take a look at some of these contemporary tips to start converting your leads into clients.



Your Website Matters

Design can come into play for so many parts of your business: the website, your logo, and even your social media accounts. Think about if from a client's perspective. Would you want to hire someone who has a website that not only lacks functionality, but also just looks "blah"? Creating an accessible, eye-catching website is important for potential law firm clients. Your website is often the first impression your potential client will have of you and your law firm. Even if hiring a web designer doesn't seem like a necessary expense, trust us, it is. A modern marketing agency like Postali can bring your law firm brand to life with clean design, stunning photography and memorable copy.


Let Social Media Work for You

We're in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everything social media. So why not use that to your advantage? You can use social media in a lot of different ways, but one of our favorites is to showcase personality.


There is no doubt that your expertise is why people hire you to represent them. However, showing your clients and potential clients that you're a real person will make them more comfortable opening up and working with you and your firm. Here are some simple post ideas you could easily whip up:

  • Meet the Team
  • Team Outings & Celebrations
  • Volunteer Work & Philanthropy
  • A Look Inside The Office
  • What We’re Up To On The Weekend


Start Blogging

Become the resource people come to for legal information! Share valuable tips, news and opinions on your law firm blog. Post often and allow others in the firm to share their thoughts in the posts too. I stress the word valuable because no one wants to waste their time reading content with no purpose. People considering their options want tips from the experts. If you establish your credibility through blogging, your clients will be more inclined to hire you.


Reach More Clients with Facebook Ads

Facebook offers some powerful advertising tools at a reasonable cost. One of the easiest things you can do with Facebook is to simply promote a page. You have the ability to target specific people in a given area and promote your page for likes. This is a good tactic to gain followers to your law firm page and start sharing with them your posts and photos.


Although Facebook Ads may seem overwhelming at first, there are a lot of tools to help you find and engage with new potential clients. You have the option to choose "Core Audiences," or people that you want your ads to reach. Target certain demographics, locations, interests and behaviors. But that isn't all. You can even create "Custom Audiences."


Let's say you want to connect with people who have interacted with your page or website. Install Facebook Pixel to your website and voilà - a custom audience. All of this might seem pretty cool, but how does it help attorneys? If you wanted to target potential clients near your office, that's easy, use Core Audiences. Though, there is possibly more value in using Facebook's Pixel to create a Custom Audience of your website visitors. Getting that second touch point with a potential client can make all the difference.


Grabbing the attention of potential clients and keeping your existing ones on-board can seem like a struggle if your firm is out of touch. Be ahead of the curve and start focusing your marketing and advertising efforts on clients of the 21st century.


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