Post NACBA '19 Release


You asked and we delivered! At this year's NACBA conference, we spoke with numerous long-time and new users and received some top-notch feature requests. In less than a week, we took their feedback, contacted our developers and deployed attorney suggestions into the application. Now that's what we call responsive.



MyChapter Email Update

MyChapter's email settings can now be customized to your firm. Simply save a welcome message, your contact info, and a logo in MyChapter settings for invite emails to debtors. This new update keeps branding at your firm consistent and gives your clients peace of mind by ensuring that the email is coming from you! Additionally, firms can also now upload any documents in their MyChapter settings that they would like to be attached to the email. This could be agreements or forms they need signed, additional instructions or any other standard form the firm would like to have sent to the debtor via email.




Lease Updates

NextChapter's new lease update allows you to easily link your claim back to the asset in Personal Property so there's no need to retype leases, saving you time on data entry.


Progress Indicators

Manage your work flow, even on those especially busy days with seemingly never-ending task lists. Now you can keep track of your cases to see if they're complete, in-progress, or not yet started. So, if you need to head to a big meeting, you don't need to worry about remembering where you left off, because NextChapter does it for you.



Account Number Defaults

No more digging around for the details. If your district prefers to see a full account number for a claim instead of the last four digits, you can set a Petition Default that always includes the full number.


New Filing Information Fields

Take customization one step further with our new additional filing information fields. Now add fields that specify the Trustee and Judge overviewing the case, so you can tailor the case to the individual preferences of your court.



Thank you to all attorneys and paralegals that continue to give us suggestions on how we can improve NextChapter. Your continued enthusiasm and insight allows us to tailor the app to your needs and find new ways to streamline your workflow. See ya for NextChapter's Fall Release 🍁