Outsourcing for Lawyers


Imagine a perfect world where everyone's time is spent in the best and most efficient way possible. Every task that needs to get done would get done with ease and accuracy. This kind of world is achievable and the key to getting there is outsourcing. The hiring of remote workers is something that hasn't always been accepted, but nowadays it's getting more popular to hire employees that work virtually. Read on to see how outsourcing remotely could greatly benefit your law firm.


Benefits of Outsourcing

You can hire a skilled employee. Hiring remotely opens up doors and greatly increases your options when searching for that perfect fit to your firm. The number of potential candidates greatly increases when you expand to the virtual world; it is so much easier to find exactly what you need. You'll be able to find virtual paralegals or legal assistants who are skilled at your software or can easily pick it up. NextChapter's Virtual Paralegal Support Service is one example of outsourcing and paying for only what you need.

You have more time to do what you are here to do: practice law. Every attorney's dream is to never have to do non-billable work again. Outsourcing those tedious tasks eliminates the need to do them yourself; freeing up more time to focus on what matters most. Increasing your billable time becomes easier and your practice will have room to grow. Taking time off without worrying about work getting done will also become a much more achievable goal.

You're capitalizing on everyone's time and skills. Hiring remotely allows you to hire people who have the specific set of skills needed to get the job done. While they're focusing on the work they trained to do, you can focus on the work you enjoy doing. While you're practicing law, your remote paralegal will be doing the paperwork you need done accurately, or your remote marketing specialist will be thinking of new ways to advertise for your firm. This way, everyone is doing what they're best at to ultimately benefit your firm.

You save tons of money. Outsourcing specific jobs or hiring virtually for certain tasks eliminates extra costs. You won't have to hire someone full-time, so there's no need for insurance benefits or vacation pay. Freelance workers are only contracted when there's work to be done, meaning you don't have to continue paying them when things are slow.


Websites to Use

Upwork. Upwork is a freelancing service that lets you choose from multitudes of industries based on what you need from data analytics and engineering to writing and marketing.

Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to find people for specific needs you may have at the time such as logo design, social media, and translation. It also has categories for broader needs like marketing, sales, audio, and design.

Toptal. Toptal is unique in that it only offers the best. You'll only find the top 3% freelancers in their industry. Toptal has freelancers in large roles like software development, design, finance, product management, and project management.

Freelancer. Freelancer is a service for small businesses looking for people to do work for them. You can receive bids from people who want to work for you and you don't have to pay until they've done what you need them to do.


Outsourcing is such a great option for law firms big and small because of the large amount of cost-savings and efficiency it provides.