Newsletters for Lawyers


Providing people with good content is an exceptionally valuable way to put your firm on the radar. For past clients, potential clients, and even your peers in the space, content keeps your practice on their minds. One of the best mediums for consistent, valuable content are newsletters. Use Newsletters to provide meaningful information and various topics to your audience via email. In fact, statistics show that email marketing yields an average of 4,300% return on investment. Providing informative, relevant content on a regular basis is essential for any law firm, so we've outlined a few tips for getting started.


What Technology to Use




MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that offers an excellent email marketing service. MailChimp allows you to create different lists and has multiple campaign templates to fit your needs. Not only can you design your newsletter email within MailChimp, but you can send it out and see the performance of the email. MailChimp automates the entire process and ultimately saves you time.


Who to Send to


Leads & Potential Clients


The point of this newsletter is to keep your firm on potential clients' radars. Show you know what you're talking about—share news about different debt options or articles about bankruptcy law in general. A great way to gather emails is to include a checkable box for potential clients to "opt in" when they fill out the contact form on your website.


Current Clients


Keeping your firm at top of mind for current clients is important too. Encourage clients to opt in to newsletters for more information on life after bankruptcy and budgeting tips. Craft content to boost your reliability so you can retain business and benefit from referrals.




Newsletters are a great opportunity to become a thought leader in the legal space. Create content that showcases you firm's knowledge so others in the industry can see you know your stuff. You might even gain referrals from peers in the future.


Newsletter How-To's




Send your newsletter monthly. Weekly will overwhelm clients and potential clients, but any less often than monthly will take you off their radar.




Stay consistent. Use the same header and logo, just change up the title for each new newsletter. This will enhance credibility and give viewers a sense of security in who they're dealing with.




Keep it simple. A lengthy subject line or newsletter subject will turn people away immediately. Having a quick-to-read and simply written subject, like "Smith Law Firm Newsletter: Vol 1", can go a long way to getting that email opened.




You should always be sending something meaningful—something that will reel in new clients, return old clients, or get referrals from peers. There's a multitude of great content you should take advantage of for your newsletters.

  • Peers: Some helpful and informative newsletter content targeting your peers in the space might be a short blurb about recent case law decisions, court changes and updates, or your take on a certain software.
  • Potential and Current Clients: Show that you can relate to your clients. Share news and statistics of debt in the U.S., number of bankruptcies, or even highlight some celebrities that have filed for bankruptcy to show your clients it happens to everyone.
  • Potential Clients, Current Clients, & Peers: Humanize your firm to make it more personable. Include pictures of things happening every day around the office, pictures of pets, or pictures of you and members of your firm out to lunch.




Get the most out of your newsletter. Use the closing to ask for referrals or maybe just mention all areas you practice. Referrals and word of mouth can go a long way, and you never know who you'll be reaching out to or what kind of help your practice could provide.