Meet the Team Monthly: Bojana Filipovic Ristevski

Meet January's Meet the Team Monthly, Bojana Filipovic Ristevski. Bojana works with NextChapter as a Legal Research and Data Assistant. Her enthusiasm and dedication to legal tech make her a great asset to the NextChapter team!




As one of NextChapter's remote team members, Bojana works out of Belgrade, Serbia. Her favorite place to work is at home with a coffee and fruit juice ☕️🥤



Bojana's Job Duties

  • Works with Notices A.I. to monitor and save court notices.
  • Investigates NextChapter’s email campaigns.
  • Regularly performs quality assurance testing of NextChapter.
  • Updates and maintains customer database.


Bojana is truly passionate about working for a NextChapter! By working at a legal tech company, Bojana contributes to something she is fascinated by in the legal tech world - making all law cases digitized. She also absolutely loves the atmosphere a small team provides. Furthermore, working at a startup allows Bojana to explore new areas of research, as well as gives her flexibility. She can work from anywhere, including her home and favorite coffee shop and is not restricted to a set schedule.


Bojana has a wide array of tech tools she loves to use everyday. For work, Google Translate is extremely helpful for certain words or conversations she has throughout the day. Slack is another one of Bojana's favorite tools because she can easily communicate with her fellow team members.


Exercising every day is Bojana's favorite way to stay productive. As a result of exercising, Bojana finds herself more energized and focused on tasks. When Bojana isn't working, she loves to adventure to museums and archaeological sites. In addition to exploring, Bojana regularly practices yoga, swimming, hiking, and reading books.