Feature Highlight: Means Test Review


As your busy season approaches, you need to ramp up your filing process! NextChapter is helping you get to faster and more efficient filings with our latest fall release, which included an entire new section for reviewing the Means Test forms. Similar to SOFA Review, Means Test Review gives you the opportunity to quickly access and edit information that will be included on the Means Test forms. Reviewing your data entry with this new section will address and eliminate any frustrations or pain points you've experienced in the past.


Quick Benefits of the Means Test Review


  • Review each line in forms 122A-1 and 122A-2 without having to backtrack in the app or read the forms via the Preview button



  • If you need any clarification on a question, click on the orange question mark to visit the help center article that will take you through it step-by-step. No need to search through the help center manually!



  • Made a mistake while entering the data? No problem. Click the convenient "Revisit" button to fix it.




This feature is available to all our users - yes, that even includes those of you filing per case! How has the Means Test Review improved your Bankruptcy Web Workflow? Let us know in the comments below!