Mandy Ballinger, Chief Operating Officer


We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Mandy Ballinger to Chief Operating Officer at NextChapter! Mandy joined the team almost two years ago, when we first launched into the bankruptcy space and has been an essential part of NextChapter's success. During that time Mandy was the manager of operations and customer success, guiding attorneys through the product, helping with their support inquiries and working with our development team to build features from user requests. She has always shown initiative in the performance of her duties, even going above and beyond what is expected of her, to ensure that NextChapter delivers the best customer experience and hits product deadlines.  


Her background as a paralegal in bankruptcy and foreclosure firms along with the Chapter 13 trustee's office has given her an overall understanding of working with attorneys, technology products in the legal space, and how to improve customer satisfaction. 


As Chief Operations Officer, Mandy will be working closely with the CEO on executing the vision for the company with particular focus on operations, processes, reporting and overseeing the Customer Success Team. Mandy brings us a wealth of knowledge and experience from her former role to take on the COO role with gusto. We wish her luck and congratulations on this promotion.