She Starts Up: Legal Tech Edition


Founder and CEO of NextChapter Janine Sickmeyer is taking her podcast She Starts Up in an exciting, new direction this season with NextChapter's Women Led Campaign. Janine started her podcast as part of her personal brand Mon'Amie Janine in order to share stories with other women and inspire working moms like herself.


While pregnant for the third time with twins and still growing her business, Janine searched for a creative outlet to express herself and share stories with other working women. She found all this in her personal brand, which she created for just this purpose. The brand allowed her to create a medium through which working moms, women in business, and fellow females finding their passion could communicate and grow together.


For Season 2, Janine is merging her work passion with her personal passion by bringing the She Starts Up podcast to the legal tech world! The legal technology industry has seen so much growth in the number of women leaders and innovators making their mark. Janine being one of the first to start her own legal tech company, her wish for this podcast is that it will inspire other women to be more confident, move up in their field, or start their own businesses.


The podcast will include how-to's on aspects of business in legal tech such as product planning, raising funding, networking, and planning for conferences. Janine will also be delving into NextChapter to highlight her women led, owned, and operated business, along with featuring other powerful women and their businesses in the legal tech industry.


The first episode of the season is now live. In this episode, Janine talks with Nicole Bradick, CEO of Theory & Principle - a product design and development shop focused exclusively on the legal space. Janine and Nicole discuss a wide variety of topics, including marketing a service business and improving legal services with better technology. Listen now on Spotify, Google Play, or Apple Podcasts.



Follow along with our women led campaign on Twitter and Instagram. You can also stay up to date by reading the show notes on Janine's personal blog Mon'Amie Janine.