NextChapter for Large Firms
NextChapter is the perfect solution for big law firms looking for an efficient and flexible software that can manage their large volume of cases, multiple offices and several users.
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Published on Nov 08, 2018



The Dilemma

Large law firms often struggle to find the right software that can support their workflow, which consists of thousands of cases, many office locations and numerous attorneys. Having a large bankruptcy law practice isn't impossible, but it can seem that way when your software doesn't offer flexibility in regards to filings and accessibility, firm and case management tools, or sophisticated A.I. to speed up your workflow.


The Solution - NextChapter

Created with every size firm in mind, NextChapter has the capability to support large firms and partnerships. We've integrated tools and included features that make filing and managing your bankruptcy across different offices and with several attorneys a breeze.


What makes NextChapter a good fit for my BigLaw practice?


Pricing Made for Large Firms - The Whoa Plan

One price doesn't fit all when it comes to bankruptcy software. NextChapter has developed a pricing plan specifically for firms who have heavy caseloads and multiple attorneys and legal professionals on staff. Unlimited case filings, monthly reporting, and time tracking are just some of the many benefits of the Whoa Plan.

*Whoa pricing starts at $1,099 per year up to 6 users and increases by $99 per year per additional user.


The Cloud

Have one office in Florida and another in Montana? With NextChapter, you can manage multiple locations with ease because of the cloud-based system. Because NextChapter is 100% web-based, you don't have to download a program onto a desktop computer or purchase multiple licenses for your firm. You can use NextChapter with any device that supports internet (yes, that includes smartphones!). Just open up your favorite web browser and log into NextChapter and you can work on cases from anywhere.


Firm & Case Management Tools

NextChapter includes a variety of tools to manage your bankruptcy process - from start to finish. On the case dashboard, you'll find Monthly Progress for setting your firm's goals (new leads, new clients, and number of filings), along with customizable checklists and to-do lists. In addition to these great features, Notices A.I., court notices inbox and hearing scheduler, is included for all Pro & Whoa plans!


Better Client Relationship Management

With all several hundreds of clients, it can be difficult to collect and manage their information and documents. NextChapter offers a client debtor portal called MyChapter. It gives debtors a secure, online platform to provide all the necessary data and information for you to file their case! And the best part of it all, you can review, edit and import everything into NextChapter to eliminate hours of data entry. Our software is also integrated with Universal Credit Services to provide tri-merge reports from all three credit bureaus for your debtors and applicable information will be input into NextChapter.


Interested in learning more about how NextChapter is the perfect fit for your large firm? Give us a call at 888-861-7122