Meet the Team Monthly: Janine Sickmeyer


Meet NextChapter's Chief Executive Officer, Janine Sickmeyer! Janine is a former paralegal who found her calling in the legal technology industry. As a true legal tech nerd, she taught herself how to code, formed a team of skilled developers and built NextChapter in a little over two years.


Janine has been named Women of Legal Tech 2017 by the American Bar Association, Pledge 1% Women Who Lead and has been featured in ABA Journal, Lawyerist, Inc., Entrepreneur and many more articles about the legal technology space.





Janine lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and four children: two toddlers and twin babies. When she's not working, you can find her at a coffee shop reading a book, at the gym or spending time with her family. And if she’s really lucky, Janine and her husband enjoy vacationing in Napa, Vail, Paris or escaping to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean.




Janine's Job Duties

  • Vision and direction of the company in its entirety from product roadmap and partnerships
  • Monitors and manages all facets of business - including HR, recruiting, finances and business planning
  • Manages marketing team and provides direction for content, design and PR
  • Oversees sales efforts and heads up business development


Janine loves her startup because of the people and the industry. The community of legal tech founders and press are so inclusive and genuinely want to help one another. Janine attends any and every legal event she can and partners with other legal tech companies to move the legal industry forward by introducing innovative concepts and technology.


Janine is also passionate about using her experiences starting her own company to help fellow female entrepreneurs overcome challenges and find success starting their own ventures. She believes in the power of working women and the advancement of female entrepreneurs by supporting, motivating, and encouraging one another to pursue their dreams.


When it comes to favorite features, Janine is especially excited about the NextChapter iPhone App because it resembles progress and growth. The mobile app is something the team always talked about at company retreats but it seemed so far down the road. To see it released makes feels like a dream come true. 

Janine is a true visionary and NextChapter is her passion so she believes in getting into the office before everyone else to stay on top of tasks and be the most productive version of herself.



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