How to Market Your Bankruptcy Firm
    Published on Apr 27, 2023

    How to Market Your Bankruptcy Firm

    Declaring bankruptcy can be a painful and difficult experience. When someone is facing financial hardship and considering filing for bankruptcy, they need reliable guidance to help navigate the process. 

    You need to get the word out about your bankruptcy firm to reach potential clients in their time of need. 

    Luckily, there are plenty of ways to let your clients know about your bankruptcy – and NextChapter is here to help!

    NextChapter—an innovative platform tailored to streamline the legal intake and document management processes associated with bankruptcy cases.

    In this blog, learn all about how to market your bankruptcy firm and how NextChapter can help you develop an effective marketing strategy that will get you noticed – without breaking the bank:

    Tips to Effectively Market

    To be a successful bankruptcy law firm, you need clients. Skills are not enough to drive clients to your office door. You need to market yourself and convince potential clients that you're willing to help them through the tough times. 

    However, just knowing the importance of marketing isn't enough. A lawyer must form a solid strategy and implement it practically to get established among the masses. 

    We'll provide you with the proper guidance to build the perfect marketing strategy for your Bankruptcy firm:

    1. Plan Your Marketing Plan Thoroughly

    Before you take the leap into marketing your law firm, make sure to do your due diligence. It's easy for an outside ad agency or a Facebook ad to look like any other good opportunity.

    But if you're not clear and intentional at the beginning, you could be wasting money on something that simply doesn't fit what you're hoping for down the line. 

    Becoming familiar with all aspects of your business helps your firm get up-to-speed quickly and efficiently and reach potential clients sooner. 

    2. Don't Rely on Hit and Trail

    Stop shooting marketing arrows with eyes closed, hoping "If I shoot enough arrows, at least one of them will hit the Bullseye." This is nothing but a waste of time and resources. 

    Jumping into marketing trends without the appropriate knowledge does more harm than good. Instead, use Data to build a strong marketing strategy. Focus on who to target, their expectations, and what message to deliver them at each step of their journey as a client. 

    Also, pay close attention to the platform where most of your potential clients are present. For instance, short video formats are getting a lot of engagement these days. So posting regular Tick-Tocks, Reels, etc., might help a lawyer to witness a significant growth in their reach. However, an attorney must ensure he conveys the right message and delivers content related to his niche. 

    3. Don't Jump On Every Latest Marketing Trend

    Don't be tempted to jump on board every new marketing trend that hits the scene. Instead, build a strategic plan that considers who you're targeting and what they need to hear at each stage of their client journey.

    It's an approach much more likely to succeed in winning over potential clients. Data-driven decisions are key when it comes to growing your law firm sustainably!

    How NextChapter is A Marketing Asset

    Often a misconception floats around the market, "Hard work is the only key to success." Yes, hard work is critical, but is it the only factor? No, hard work, along with smart work, is what will drive the results. 

    Handling every aspect of marketing alone might be stressful and raise the possibility of human errors. Hence, investing in legal software is a smart move to make. NextChapter is one such attorney software streamlining the bankruptcy process with its innovative products.

    We strive to provide our clients with intuitive, efficient, and affordable software solutions, helping them serve their bankruptcy clients better. 

    Following are some features of our software for lawyers that make us an asset for your bankruptcy firm:

    Client Texting: Helps lawyers to establish better communication with their clients. This feature provides facilities like:

    • A local phone number to avoid distributing their personal number.

    • Establishing better communication through unlimited SMS texting.

    • Per case setting

    • Text recipes and automated reminders

    • Email Notifications

    Client Portal: NextChapter's Client Portal feature automates the data entry process. The user-friendly feature allows you to import clients' information directly into the software. You are no more required to spend hours doing a manual entry for each case. Whether you operate as a firm or an individual, this portal is suitable for everyone. Also, it is available in Spanish if your clients prefer the language. 

    The Bottom Line

    For law firms to stay competitive and relevant, they must prioritize the client experience from start to finish. 

    Taking proactive steps towards marketing their firm, strengthening their reputation online through reviews, and improving sales processes are all components of a successful flywheel that will lead to increased referrals for continued growth. 

    With clients as top-priority in driving these efforts forward, it doesn't take long before success takes flight!

    With NextChapter by your side, you no longer have to worry about the hectic job of managing bankruptcy paperwork alone, as we provide you with proper guidance to smoothly get through the process. We significantly improve your practice with our innovative, cloud-based platform by helping you prepare, manage, and file bankruptcy cases effortlessly.