How a Virtual Paralegal can Help your Firm
NextChapter’s Paralegal as a Service offers per case basis and by the hour Virtual Paralegal services to help with your casework.
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Published on May 05, 2022

Why Hire a Virtual Paralegal?

There are many reasons our clients love Paralegal as a Service. Here are a few reasons to hire a Virtual Paralegal!:

You specialize in a specific area of law, but have a case outside that area. This is a scenario that many attorneys come across. Often times they have a friend or family member in need of an attorney that you can help with, but it isn’t your typical practice area. This is where a Virtual Paralegal, experienced in that specific practice area, can help with drafting documents, legal research, and more.

Your firm is growing. A Virtual Paralegal is a great option if your firm is growing. Expanding your business is a great thing; however, it doesn’t come without its road bumps. Whether you are having a hard time keeping up with all your new case work, or in the middle of hiring an in-house paralegal, a Virtual Paralegal is there to take on extra work in your cases and will make sure nothing is on the back burner so your firm can run smoothly and effectively.

You are a solo practice attorney. This is an example of where you may not need to hire an in-house attorney, or an in-house attorney would not be cost beneficial. A Virtual Paralegal would be able to help with extra work when your case load gets high.

Whether one of these scenarios applies to you or not, here are a few ways a Virtual Paralegal can benefit you:

Saves Time!

There is only so much time in a day, and this time can be eaten up by client intake, motion drafting, legal research, etc. A Virtual Paralegal will take on this burden, so you can focus on other priorities.

Saves Money!

You can hire a Virtual Paralegal as needed. In turn, you will avoid the overhead costs of an in-house paralegal. Not to mention, because you are saving time with a Virtual Paralegal, you are also able to focus on client growth!

Their expertise!

NextChapter’s paralegals are highly trained and efficient in all areas of law. Whether you are a bankruptcy attorney, probate attorney, family law attorney, or something completely different, NextChapter will make sure to match you with the paralegal best suited to your needs!

How to get Started

Depending on your practice area, Paralegal as a Service will either work on a per-case basis, or an hourly basis.

Pricing for bankruptcy cases start at $300 per case for pre-petition on a Chapter 7 personal and go up from there with additional charges for post petition. Sign up with NextChapter Bankruptcy here and hire a Virtual Paralegal once you start a case.

All other areas of law can hire a Virtual Paralegal for $50/hour in increments of five hours. All you have to do is sign up here. Our team will then set you up with a paralegal that is experienced in your specific practice area and answer any additional questions you may have. For additional question you can also visit our Help Center.