Fall '18 Release



The NextChapter team spent this Summer enhancing our products and creating new features for our users to have an even better bankruptcy web workflow! We are excited to introduce all of these improvements, updates, and new additions. 


Most Anticipated Features Highlights 


Virtual Paralegal Support

Hire a NextChapter expert, with experience as a paralegal, on a per-case to help prepare your Chapter 7 Individual Cases. NextChapter's Virtual Paralegal Support is the perfect solution to your law firm's busy season.

Coming Soon: Virtual Paralegal Support for Chapter 7 Non-Individual and Chapter 13 Cases


Means Test Review

Review all information that will be filed as part of the Means Test! Similar to the SOFA Review section, Means Test Review will allow you to check over information and revisit sections to make quick updates.


In-App Interest Calculator

Our interest calculator will compute interest on the Chapter 13 Plans and Means Test so you don't have to leave the app. Say goodbye to calculating interest yourself or with a third-party website.




Ability to Search and Edit Comments

Misspelled a word? No problem, you can edit the comment. Now you don't have to sift through conversations to find the information you need. Use the Quick Search Bar to search by keyword for fast and easy findings.


Credit Report Address Override

If you'd rather use the creditor addresses you input into the app instead of the ones generated by the credit report, you now can! With a simple check of a box, you will control exactly what is filed with the court.


Sophisticated Case List Sorting and Filtering Options

Make your case list view work for you! Toggle properties (header sections such as District, Chapter, etc.) on and off to see only what is relevant for your firm. The case list now offers more advanced filtering options - District, Attorney, Chapter, and Status. Filtering is perfect if you decide to focus on a set of cases for the day. For example, Chapter 7 cases in OHNB assigned to you for the day.



Credit Counseling Certificate - Expiration Date Warning

With all of your clients, it might be hard to track which are current on their credit counseling course. NextChapter will warn you if their certificate is about to expire so you can notify your client to retake the course.



Means Test - More Override Options

Customize which deductions are not included in Schedule I & J on a per-case basis. All of these new override options will allow you to better serve your clients' needs.



Suggested Pay Advice Dates for YTD Income

Let us help you out. NextChapter will suggest pay advice dates for YTD Income based on when you're filing. You no longer have to intently study your calendar, trying to figure out which pay advices you need.



And More!

  • Credit Report Imports "Belongs To" Field
  • Advanced Exemption Suggestions
  • Client Document Storage Tags


New Features


Filing Preview Button

We've added even more improvements to the filing preview section so your firm can review your complete filing more efficiently. The filing packet is now divided by your petition and separate event codes, making it easy for you to quickly look over any section.



Import/Export function for Claims

You can now import (CSV) and export secured claims on a per-case basis. Manually entering data when you already have it saved on your computer is a pain that you avoid by importing! This function is especially useful for business cases since business can't pull credit reports to get all of their debts. The ability to export secured claims from a case is also useful for attorneys so they can always have their data. Exporting a client's secured claims is helpful for verifying the list with your clients and making any updates as needed. Once you've made any necessary updates or changes, you could even re-import the CSV, eliminating the need for double data entry.



Chapter 13 Supplemental Post Petition Schedule I & J

Does your court have unique requirements regarding supplemental post petitions for Chapter 13 cases? You now have three options for filing your supplemental post petitions (Schedule I, Schedule J, and Schedule I & J) to fit what your court wants.



Ability to Export Task List as PDF

Another way to make NextChapter your go-to for bankruptcy case management! Create your to-do list in NextChapter and export it as a PDF to use as you wish. Print it out for your law firm's team meeting or your own personal use - the possibilities are endless.


Customize and Add New Event Date Types

Your NextChapter Calendar is the perfect case management tool with customizable event dates. By creating a new event category in your account settings, you can easily assign it to any case in the dashboard. Keeping track of case dates on a single platform is made easy with NextChapter.



And More!

  • 6 Month Average Income Option


Court Forms

  • Ability to File Amendments: CACB, COB, AZB
  • Ability to File Business Cases: NJB, TNWB & OHNB
  • New Individual Filing: NDB
  • New Form: Financial Management Course (Form 432)
  • Local Forms for Several Districts!




See all of the new features in action and register for our upcoming FREE live webinar. On October 12th at 2:00 PM ET our Customer Success Team will walk you through & explain the elements of this release! Register Now!