Why Lawyers Should Attend Conferences


Lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and just about everyone else in the legal space come together every so often to learn, share, and connect with one another. They listen to leaders in the space and learn about other businesses while networking and having a whole lot of fun. All of this and more are just some of what goes on at a legal conference. Read on to learn more about what conferences entail and how attending one will benefit your firm.


Get CLE Credit the Fun Way

Conferences are not only fun, but most provide Continuing Legal Education credit for attending. Knock out your CLE credit while networking, learning, and just having fun. Keynote speakers and other professionals across the nation all come together to share and learn, so it won't seem like you're sitting in a classroom or listening to a seminar. You'll be completely immersed in a community of your peers, learning about the latest developments in your industry from authorities in the space and other professionals just like yourself.


Network with Fellow Attorneys

Conferences provide the perfect environment for networking with fellow attorneys and paralegals. Often times as lawyers or legal assistants, there isn't time for meeting other professionals and having conversations in the work day. Conferences are that one place where you can all get together, converse, and still be learning in meaningful ways. Attending conferences allows you to find and network with people who can help you better your practice and grow in the field, so your time is actually being spent quite valuably.


Get Feedback

Sometimes sitting in a cramped, stuffy office searching for the answers you need on your computer isn't the best way to research. At conferences, there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of attorneys and other professionals who have had similar and different experiences as you. You can ask attorneys about case law, what softwares they use, how they developed their business, and so much more. Of course, there is a multitude of information online to help legal professionals learn and stay up to date, but actually speaking with others about these topics and gaining a real, authentic perspective can greatly benefit your firm.


Explore New Places & Have Fun

Although you spend most of your time in sessions within the conference, there are opportunities to explore the area. Going to a new city can provide a lot of insight and just be an overall fun time. Take advantage of evening events like happy hours, or even invite fellow legal professionals you meet at the conference to come out and have a friendly time. You never know what you'll learn about the city or who you'll run into.


Come Back Refreshed & Ready to Revamp Your Firm

Getting feedback, networking, and learning new insights into the legal tech space can have great effect on you and you firm. You'll go back to your practice with a fresh perspective and new ideas on how to develop and grow as a business. Imagine returning with a list of new ideas and a few new connections to help revamp your firm. It'll be so much easier to see those changes through to fruition with the help of your new connections and new information.


Whether you're looking to meet an connect with new people, explore a new city for business, or gain insight on legal trends, attending a conference is a great way to do it.