Co-Working for Attorneys
A new trend has recently swept in for small companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers - co-working
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Published on Apr 15, 2019



A new trend has recently swept in for small companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers: co-working


What is Co-Working?

Simply stated, co-working is a type of working style that consists of several different companies and individuals working in a shared space. While the floor plans of co-working spaces vary, these "shared spaces" include vast common areas with inviting furniture, along with individual and team office spaces. The goal of co-working spaces are to bring together like-minded people to encourage collaboration, as well as give small businesses and freelancers an alternative, cheaper workspace.


Benefits of Co-Working

Co-Working has grown exponentially over the last decade because of the flexibility and opportunities it provides to its members. Many co-working spaces offer a variety of membership plans, the cheapest being an open work plan, where you can simply work in the common spaces. Individuals and teams can also rent out office spaces of many sizes. In addition to the lower prices, co-working spaces offer flexibility in terms of office leases so members aren't tied down to a particular space for a long period of time. Aside from the snack bar and free coffee, shared spaces offer several opportunities for collaboration, ultimately growing an individual or team as a whole.


Why Should Attorneys Start Co-Working?

What used to seem as just a workspace for freelancers and startups is now the perfect fit for solo attorneys. So much so that attorneys across the country are flocking to the nearest co-working space. Co-working is ideal for attorneys because it provides a home base for their on-the-go work schedule. More structured than a home office and more flexible than a traditional office space downtown, co-working spaces prove to be the happy medium. Another great aspect of shared spaces for attorneys is the number of workspace options. If you're an attorney who cannot justify having a dedicated office space, you can solely work from the common areas. However, if you find yourself needing an independent space, you can rent a private office.


Co-Working Space Just for Attorneys

Enrich one of the pioneering co-working spaces made just for attorneys. This co-working space was developed by lawyers with lawyers in mind. They offer a wide-array of co-working options, ranging from mail-only to private office. Because Enrich is only for solo attorneys, it gives attorneys an experience you cannot find anywhere else. Members rave about bouncing off ideas with other attorneys and the tremendous growth they have experienced as lawyers and business owners. Unfortunately, the only location of Enrich is in San Diego, but they are expanding to other locations in California.


Overall, co-working spaces provide superior value to attorneys of all practice areas. As a legal tech startup, NextChapter has been working out of co-working spaces since the very beginning. We are a huge fan of Industrious, which has several locations in cities all over the United States. See if there's one near you here.