Lawyer Blogs You Should Be Following


Blogging is a highly beneficial medium for sharing and taking in new information, and is a great way to educate and learn from other leaders within your industry. In the legal tech space, you can read about updates to case law, find the best legal technology and gain insight on how to best manage your practice. Blogs are also a great way to establish yourself and your firm as an expert and thought leader in the industry. More importantly, blogs are short and don't take much time to read, so you won't need to take much time out of your day. Blogs are short, insightful, and could provide a lot of direction on a multitude of aspects of your business. Check out some of the incredibly informative law blogs below.


For Current Events in Legal

Above the Law

Above the Law delves deep into the world of law to expose insight on powerful personalities and institutions and provides breaking news and commentary to go along with it.


ABA Journal

ABA Journal is the official news website of the American Bar Association. ABA Journal offers legal world news every day on their website as well as daily and weekly newsletters.


Lawyer Blogs

Solo Practice University

The purpose of Solo Practice University is to aid, connect and educate aspiring solo practitioners. The website posts relevant blogs, offers courses and consultations, and encourages collaboration and support among its community.



Lawyerist if a lawyer blog that offers practice advice on various topics ranging from law school success and legal careers to firm marketing efforts and practice management.



LawSites was founded by Bob Ambrogi to post news and reviews of websites relevant to the legal world. Bob is a lawyer and consultant who has been speaking and writing about legal trends for the last twenty years.


Legal Tech

Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer's goal is to change the way we view law altogether, from transforming how we conduct the business of law to how we implement technology.


FindLaw Technologist

FindLaw makes lawyers and the practice of law more accessible and understanding to the public. On the website, you can learn about the law through their blog and even find attorneys.


Law Technology Today

Law Technology Today is a publication of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center. The blog targets lawyers and other legal professionals looking to collaborate on new and inventive strategies for the future of law.


Legal Startups


Clio is the leading practice management software for attorneys, law firms, and all legal professionals alike. Clio's software streamlines your firm, case and client management by automating the process. Clio's blog is informative and constantly updated with only the most top notch content and news in legal.



NextChapter's modern bankruptcy software revolutionizes the legal world by being at the cutting edge of legal technology. The NextChapter blog is constantly pushing out informative and interesting content for lawyers and law firms.


For Your Clients


The MintLife blog comes from financial management app Mint, which helps clients stay on top of their money with an intuitive mobile app. The blog explores innovative ways to save and plan financially, how to get the most out of credit cards and traveling, and much more.


NPR Planet Money

NPR Planet Money is an innovator in the financial planning space. Their aim is to find fun, energetic and creative ways to spin the conversation around the economy and capitalism.

Whether you're searching for new pieces to share, are looking to educate your firm and others in the legal space, or simply want to catch up on the latest news in legal tech, these blogs are for you.