Let’s talk about Technical Support



Recently Sam Glover at Lawyerist wrote a post titled “Legal Software Bill of Rights” where he listed several important rights of being a good software vendor. As a legal software customer, these are your rights: transparent pricing on website, free onboarding, free trial, clearly defined security measures and easily exported data.


At NextChapter, we believe in all of these rights. We offer onboarding demos at no cost and a free trial. And to us, transparent pricing is important. We have all used software that has surprise fees to get the full functionality of the product, much like paying for a ticket to an amusement park and then being charged to ride each individual roller coaster. At NextChapter, we have an all-inclusive price which covers customer support, automatic updates, maintenance, and many other features and integrations.


One “right” that NextChapter would add to this list is free technical support. Legal software is often used to save time, prevent some degree of human error and to keep a law firm organized. It is not uncommon for a deadline to be approaching and one of our clients finds himself frantically using our bankruptcy program only to have an important question that halts his progress. What if we charged our user $50 for a quick call, or an annual flat fee of $1,000 for unlimited support? This is patently unfair because, of course, the attorney or paralegal is going to pay whatever fee you ask of them if their deadline is looming.


Free technical support is crucial for the best user experience. Legal software should not be charging users for reporting bugs or asking questions about the program.


As a software user, you should never be forced to pay to help improve the product by suggesting features or letting your provider know when something isn’t functioning correctly. You also should never have to sit on the phone for several hours waiting to talk with someone on the team about a problem you’re encountering. In software, bugs happen. But we’re here to help!


At NextChapter we spend most of our day listening to our customers and brainstorming ways to improve our software to make their jobs easier. This could not be done without our focus on customer success, accessibility and technical support. Feel free to communciate with us anytime through our in-app live chat, over email or pick up the phone and call our customer success team. We love hearing from you!