Apps for Lawyers


Every lawyer can benefit from a collection of web and mobile applications in their tech stack. So many tools are readily available to make lawyers lives easier, why not start using them?


Here's a list of several applications you can simply integrate into your law practice!


Streamlining Marketing Efforts

These apps will make you a social media and digital marketing pro!



Stay up to date on tech and legal news for your own reference and to share on social media!



Posting on social is made easy with this scheduler



Read blog-style posts from others and write your own editorials to share your expertise with the world



Send out newsletters to your law firms clients and supporters to keep them updated on your practice


Working with Clients

Eliminate unnecessary travel time and communicate with your clients from anywhere


Google Hangouts

Meet with clients virtually via video calls



Get client signatures without having to bring them in the office


Essentials for Every Business

Collaborative tools that allow you to stay in touch with your team and work on-the-go



Store all important and permanent business documents



An all-encompassing workspace for your ongoing operations, marketing, and other tasks



Keep notes from court, client meetings, and more in once place



Improve communication between the members of your team


Law Practice Specific

Work from anywhere with legal softwares that run on the cloud



Prepare and file cases from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone


FastCase Legal Research

Conduct research on case law from your phone where ever you go