Meet the Team Monthly: Anthony O'Nesti


Meet Anthony O'Nesti, NextChapter's Customer Success Specialist. Anthony is passionate about helping people and building meaningful relationships. If you've ever worked with Anthony, then you know first-hand his enthusiasm for solving problems and working to better serve our customers.


Anthony was born and grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. After high school, he attended The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he's been ever since. Anthony's favorite pastimes include exercising and reading, but he also really loves playing any sport he can get into! If he has a lot of free time when he's not at work, sometimes he even goes home to Youngstown to visit his friends and family.



Anthony's Main Job Duties


  • Resolve inbound customer support requests

  • Report and analyze customer support trends

  • Provide training sessions for law firms

  • Follow up with accounts


Anthony is most passionate about his job because of the freedom to make his own decisions and have a direct impact on product development, but his true talent lies in working and building relationships with others. His favorite feature is MyChapter Debtor Portal because it saves time for the attorneys and makes the process understandable for their clients.


Anthony's work ethic is unstoppable. He believes in logical techniques that train your brain to be more productive and keep bettering your processes. If you ask him how to get the most out of work, he'd say to make sure to do solid amounts of work with short, meaningful breaks to rest your brain, and you'll be on top of it just like he always is!