Clio Cloud Conference 2019 NextChapter Photo Diary
Another year of the Clio Cloud Conference is in the books! This conference gets bigger and better each year and we love being a part of it.
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Published on Oct 25, 2019


Another year of the Clio Cloud Conference is in the books! This conference gets bigger and better each year and we love being a part of it.


Our Founder & Managing Director has attended the Clio Cloud Conference from the very beginning, even before NextChapter was launched. At first, Janine went for networking and to get ideas for her new bankruptcy application. This year at the ninth annual Clio Cloud Conference, alongside NextChapter's Director of Operations, Janine shared her bankruptcy solution and the news of NextChapter's acquisition. Full-circle!


Clio Cloud 9 was packed with insightful keynotes, talks with fellow legal techies and all kinds of fun events. Keep reading for more about Janine and Mandy's time at #ClioCloud9! 



Wheels Up

On Sunday morning, Janine and Mandy headed off to San Diego. Energy was high for the most anticipated legal tech conference of the year. A couple flights later, NextChapter's leading ladies arrived in sunny San Diego. Look at those views!




A little present from our friends at Clio awaited Janine and Mandy at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Knowing the NC team's love for reading, Clio gifted us with three best-selling books. Thank you, Clio! 




Conference Day One

Monday morning arrived quickly and Janine and Mandy were ready to get in on the action. Before Jack Newton's opening keynote, Janine ran into Nehal, founder of ALT Legal, an intuitive IP docketing system that creates and tracks filings. Nehal is a former lawyer turned entrepreneur. Kudos to Nehal for further innovating the IP practice area!




Opening Keynote

To kick off the conference, Clio CEO Jack Newton gave an extraordinary keynote. Not only did Jack discuss the record-breaking investment Clio received earlier this year, but he also detailed the newest additions and updates to Clio's product suite. One of the most impactful parts of Jack's presentation was when he introduced the 2019 Legal Trends Report, which holds valuable insights and advice for lawyers based on case studies and surveys conducted by Clio.



P.S. - Jack also announced his forthcoming book, The Client-Centered Law Firm which will be released before 2020. From the words of Janine, "Every lawyer and paralegal needs this book on their shelf! The Client-Centered Law Firm maps out all that is required to succeed as a law firm in modern life." Preorder now.



Meeting Up with Legal Techies 

The excitement of Clio Cloud day one didn't end at the keynote! While around and about the conference, Janine and Mandy met up with a few other legal tech enthusiasts. While on the exhibitor floor, Janine found fellow female legal tech entrepreneur, Haley Altman, founder of Doxly, an end-to-end legal transaction management platform. Her company was acquired back in September, just like NextChapter. Recently, Janine and Haley recorded a podcast episode where they were both secretly going through acquisitions and not allowed to discuss the deal. The two enjoyed meeting in person and laughing about it. 




Janine also ran into a longtime friend, Patrick Palace (pictured left). Patrick is the owner of Palace Law and owns his own winery, Sunken Cellars. Based in Washington, Palace Law serves justice for working men and women on personal injury and workers' compensation cases. We can't forget about Sam Glover (pictured right), founder of Sam is dedicated to giving advice to attorneys on how to start, manage and grow their practice. He has been a huge supporter of NextChapter since the very beginning! 




Launch//Code Competition

On day one, Janine judged Clio's Launch//Code Competition, where legal tech startups who integrate with Clio competed for the title of Best Integration and 100,000 dollars. Alongside two other leaders in the legal technology space, Janine listened to five product pitches and posed questions about the products. It was an incredible experience to advise and critique products that are in the same stage that NextChapter was just a few years ago!




Data Privacy

Before the day was over, we caught a keynote all about privacy with Glenn Greenwald. His ideas and advice are both great things we've taken back with us to Columbus. 




Conference Day Two

Day two of the conference did not lack in excitement!


Reddit AMA

To start off the day, Janine participated in a Reddit AMA, alongside fellow legal tech founders. In this live AMA, Janine answered questions about starting and managing a legal tech company, the acquisition and what's next for NextChapter. Read the full thread here.




Fastcase Family

While at the conference, we had a chance to represent our Fastcase family, with members of the Fastcase and Docket Alarm teams. NextChapter, Fastcase and Docket Alarm all integrate with Clio. The Fastcase productivity suite allows lawyers to navigate the law smarter and faster.




Day two of the conference was eventful for Fastcase! VP of Product and Content at Fastcase, Christina Steinbrecker Jack, demonstrated what Fastcase and all of their products have to offer law firms. We are so proud to be a part of a company that is making such a powerful impact on the legal industry with innovative technology.




And that's a wrap! Until next time, San Diego. Register now for #ClioCloud10 - we can't wait to see you there!