ABA TECHSHOW - Back in Person!
We're ready to see you IRL for the first time in over 2 years!
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Published on Jun 13, 2022

ABA TECHSHOW is back and so are we! After a year of being virtual-only in 2021, ABA TECHSHOW 2022 is returning with a hybrid model offering in-person and virtual attendance options. The NextChapter team is excited to be attending IRL and with some amazing new products to premiere!

Here are a couple of great reasons to come say hi to us over at booth 1011.

1. Doc Creator Premiere

In between petting our dogs and chasing our kids during the pandemic, the NextChapter team got busy building one of our most exciting products yet - Doc Creator! Our document automation tool has a super robust editor with functions created from the perspective of paralegals to help save time and effort with document creation. For example, have you ever had to retype a full caption because the court or judge prefers all uppercase? Or has your client ever submitted information in all uppercase to be retyped in proper case? We’ve got quick tools for that! But that’s not even the best part...

The editor allows the firm to create merge tags that instantly become new input fields in the case to streamline intake, input, and document creation. Stop by so that Alex Seymour, one of NextChapter’s Business Associates, can show off her awesome demoing skills. 😎

2. SALI Fields!

We have SALI fields!

Ok, not that Sally Fields... NextChapter is excited to be partnered with the SALI Alliance (Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry) and we are fully integrated with SALI LMSS (Legal Matter Specification Standard) which includes 9,000+ legal data endpoints.

We’re thrilled to partner with SALI and its efforts to standardize terminology to simplify and improve the delivery of legal service. Stop by to see the LMSS in action in NextChapter and talk with Damien Riehl, Fastcase’s VP, Litigation Workflow and Analytics Content, who is also an expert on SALI!

3. NextChapter Bankruptcy Software

We get it, you’re most likely not practicing bankruptcy... but if by chance you are, come talk with us about NextChapter BK! It’s our bread and butter and we are eager to show you our amazing bankruptcy software and to talk about trends and debate on best guesses on when filings will pick back up. 🔮

4. Paralegal as a Service

Have you ever considered improving your firm's efficiency and reducing overhead costs by working with an on-demand virtual paralegal? If so, come chat with our team to learn about Paralegal as a Service, our network of skilled paralegals that can help you with anything from research, drafting, intake, data entry, due diligence and more! NextChapter’s Vice President, Mandy Ballinger, is a former paralegal herself and can answer any questions you have about the process and best practices of working with a virtual paralegal!

5. Chicago Recs 🍕

So maybe you don’t practice in bankruptcy nor do you need document automation or virtual paralegal services... Do you like talking about food and fun? Katie Stasiulewicz, our Director of Sales & Success, is a former Chicago resident and a self-proclaimed connoisseur of hidden gems in Chicago. If you are looking for a fun speakeasy or best pizza recs, or if you want to debate on the best pizza, come chat with her!


We hope to see you there!