Customer Stories

Tara Salinas

Founded 2003
Customer since 2017
Denver, CO
Filing/Year: 50

Tara Salinas has been practicing consumer bankruptcy law for over 13 years in the Denver area. Tara founded her bankruptcy practice, Salinas Law Group, in 2003 to help those residing in Colorado start over. Having filed bankruptcy herself because of an uninsured medical treatment, Tara has experienced the difficulties of bankruptcy first-hand. She empathizes with her clients, working with them through the entire filing process to ensure they do not fall victim to guilt. Tara has made financial hardship easier to handle for her clients by providing comfort and expert guidance. In addition to her excellent service for her clients, Tara is involved greatly in the bankruptcy legal space. She is a member and leader of several committees, organizations, and more. Tara’s involvement in the lives of her clients and in the legal community make her  a distinctive bankruptcy attorney


What Do You Like to Do for Fun?
I love to travel! With two teenage sons, we spend a lot of time at high school athletic events. My toddler keeps me young playing on the playground and building Play-Doh creations.

I’ve finally found a bankruptcy software that works exactly as I want it to!

What Inspired You to Become A Bankruptcy Attorney?

I love the relief I can bring to my clients. It is the only area of law where I feel my clients are better off when we finish than they were when we started!


How has NextChapter made filing bankruptcies easier?
NextChapter has reduced the amount of time I spend on each case and allows us to work efficiently with our clients while producing high quality results.


What prompted you to start using NextChapter over other software providers?
My former software was so slow and no innovations were being implemented. Just promises of future changes. I appreciate how responsive NextChapter is, both in day-to-day use, and in constantly implementing improvements.


If you were to recommend us to your colleagues, what would you say?
As a bankruptcy attorney with 15 years of experience, I’ve finally found a bankruptcy software that works exactly as I want it to! It’s reduced our input time while maximizing the quality and detail of our petitions. This is the best product in the market today!!


Tara’s favorite device to use with NextChapter: Mac Computers


Tara Salinas found an easy-to-use and efficient bankruptcy software without having to compromise the quality of her work. Without the headache of a slow, unchanging software, Tara can focus on providing excellent service to her clients with NextChapter.