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How Attorney Andrea Henning is Using NextChapter to Suit Her Needs

Andrea Henning





Lima, OH

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Ohio Attorney Andrea Henning has been practicing law for over 10 years with experience in bankruptcy, traffic, misdemeanor criminal law, and more. Andrea enjoys practicing bankruptcy law because she is able to help those with overwhelming amounts of debt find a clear path. When she isn’t practicing bankruptcy law, Andrea loves spending time with her three children ages four and under. You can also find Andrea running whenever she gets a free moment.


Andrea opened her practice in 2007 in Toledo with the goal of changing people’s lives for the better. Once Andrea had children, she decided to scale back her practice and work part-time. She relocated to Lima and reopened Andrea Henning Law, LLC to provide affordable legal assistance to those in need. Andrea believes in being accessible and serving her clients how they wish. She recently revamped her practice and is working full-time to help residents across Ohio. Her motto is “Everything Matters,” meaning that if something is important to a client, it is important to her no matter how small the issue may be. 


After hearing Janine, NextChapter’s CEO, on The Lawyerist Podcast talking about NextChapter, Andrea was particularly interested in the per-case option. She was doing limited filings at the time and was happy to find a BK software that would allow her to pay per-case instead of purchasing an annual subscription. Before she found NextChapter, Andrea was using EZ-Filing (no longer active). She disliked that it was stagnant and never updated as technology was becoming more advanced. Andrea also wanted a cloud-based option so she didn’t have to rely on a desktop. With NextChapter, Andrea can work from home and in the office on her Microsoft Surface laptop.


Any change you have in using NextChapter is short-term and well worth it!

Andrea understood there would be a bit of a learning curve when switching software. But after a short period of time she started to benefit from the intuitive interface and file cases much faster. Andrea appreciates that NextChapter is always updating and customizing the software to our users’ needs.


MyChapter Online Debtor Portal is one of Andrea’s favorite features to use. Her clients love the ease-of-use. Because Andrea serves bankruptcy clients across Ohio, the online debtor portal is perfect for clients that don’t want to drive an hour to bring their documents and information to the office.



NextChapter is a great option for attorneys who need a software tailored to their firm and personal needs. As a solo attorney using NextChapter, Andrea is able to work from home and expedite her bankruptcy filings.

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