Meet NextChapter’s Happy Customers

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Customer Stories

See how our users have excelled and shaped their bankruptcy practice with NextChapter’s intuitive software.

Andrea Henning


Modern attorney Andrea Henning is passionate about providing excellent and affordable legal services to her clients.

Matt McCune


Denver attorney Matt McCune went into bankruptcy law with one thing in mind, helping good people through trying times.

Jann Washington


Jann Washington was working as a paralegal when she decided to become a lawyer. Now she is a sole practitioner helping people improve their lives.

Leah Judd


Leah is attorney John Skiba's legal assistant at Arizona Law Group, PLC.

Mark Little


Mark Little is a well respected attorney in the bankruptcy space with a passion for doing good for his clients.

Leslie Maxwell


Leslie Maxwell, New Mexico consumer bankruptcy attorney, takes pride in giving her clients a "fresh start."

Scott Bell


Scott Bell is compassionate about helping people with their financial hardships. He is an experienced bankruptcy attorney with a passion for the industry.

Sevan Gorginian


Sevan Gorginian is an experienced California attorney that specializes in bankruptcy. He is also a Professor at a local law school and community college.

Meet NextChapter’s Happy Customers

NextChapter has been designed for attorneys and paralegals to prepare bankruptcy cases smarter and faster. Our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional product for our outstanding customers.

“Clean and logical. This software feels centuries ahead of others that I've used. Bankruptcy is complicated enough without the headaches of software.”

- John Strong, Minnesota Attorney

“Our office switched from Best Case to Next Chapter. The input of bankruptcies is so much easier now! It is so easy to input a client's bankruptcy with them sitting in front of you. I can have an entire petition ready within 30 minutes of meeting with the client.”

- Kristi Fulkerson, Kentucky Bankruptcy Paralegal

“Overall, an excellent product for good value. Great help from customer service. They were easily available to help solve problems. Interfaces well with ECF.”

- Scott Garver, J.D., New York Attorney

“I have used a lot of bankruptcy software and this is by far the best. Obvious thought went into ease of use and faster entry. The staff has been great and fact that this works on any browsers is what I have been waiting for!!”

- Karen Weaver, Mississippi Bankruptcy Paralegal

“I started using NextChapter earlier in 2017. Very good system, which keeps getting better. No installation, and you can access your cases from anywhere. You can file to ECF directly from NextChapter. Very flexible pricing structure. Almost makes managing bankruptcy cases fun!”

- Edward Zohn, New Jersey Attorney

“Very good experience, they are very accessible whenever I have a question. Very methodical step by step process for preparing a petition. Also the speed is great, updates in one area immediately change the calculations in others. I have used other cloud based software where there was a lag and sometime you had to close out and reopen to see the changes. Not with this program.”

- Chad Johnson, California Attorney

“NextChapter is the best bankruptcy software I've ever used. NextChapter has made completing Bankruptcy Petitions and Schedules so much easier. The program is intuitive and efficient, and is a great help to anyone that regularly prepares bankruptcy filings.”

- Leah Judd, Arizona Bankruptcy Paralegal

“It makes filing as petition easy. The ability to put the information in once and the ease of filing with the Court. I can be located in any of our offices or the clients location and can file a petition with the client in front of me from anywhere.”

- Jay Yacker, New Jersey Attorney

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